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Our Vision

The CHENG(誠 Honesty) XIE(謝 Gratitude) Cause

Together we will first give under-privileged children of Nepal living in extreme poverty access to education, wisdom, and life-sustaining skills. We named our school CHENG for Honesty, and XIE for Gratitude from the Chinese language. 


Our Motto: Optimism and Fight

Chengxie School Mission

  • Nurture students and individuals with life skills

  • Happier and better life for every student

  • Eradicate child prostitution, child marriage, and child labor caused by families selling their own children

History and Cause


Taiwan Mother Hen Society is the parent organization that has given birth to several sub-organizations to carry out its mission.  The Society was founded in 2021 by Buddhist Nun Sayalay Karuna (Theravada, ordained in 2014 by Karuna's teacher Sayalay Dipankara in Brahma Vihari Meditation Centre of Maymyo Myanmar).

The Society is affiliated to Buddhist teaching but is not exclusive only to Buddhist practitioners.  The Society welcomes all support from all religions and spiritual backgrounds, non-sectarian, and any and all incoming members who wish to come together to accomplish our mission and make our world a better place.

The Hard Truth

​In the impoverished mountains of Nepal, it is difficult for many families to provide their children to receive full school education. Due to poverty, some families will let go of their own children to reduce living expenses and in return to receive money.  The boys would become child laborers and girls as child prostitutes or for child marriage.

According to the statistic, an average of 7,000 girls are sold by their parents every year in Nepal, and the tragic life of their careers ended from the age of seven to fifteen. 

​We had seen a sheep could be sold as USD 260 locally, but a little girl could be sold for just USD 25.  It is truly heartbreaking to see a little girl's life less worthy than a sheep.

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