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Team Mother Hen

​Core Beliefs

Love. Empathy. Joy. Give.

Founding Mission
To educate the underprivileged with professional abilities

Loving-kindness with awareness. Being firm and disciplined.

Practicing the way of wisdom and compassion to benefit others


Provide education to poor children with the gift of self-reliance
— to no longer ask for help, but instead can help themselves and others
"Breeding Mother Hens"

Mother Hen Structure

Taiwan Mother Hen Society,  Aloko House, Cheng Xie School
are the current 3 entities to bring forward our mission. 


Mother Hen Structure

Taiwan Mother Hen Society

Taiwan Mother Hen Society was founded by Sayalay Karuna in Taipei Taiwan. 


Taiwan Mother Hen Society was established by like-minded Taiwanese who are passionate about education as professional educators and utilize their training and skills to help those in need.

With the utmost dedication of love and compassion, the Society has united a force in Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan to support and improve the potential of under-privileged children
 with further academic studies and life skills, so they can earn a living on their own as adults, away from poverty, giving back to their own communities as good citizens of their respective countries. 


The mission begins with serving the needs of the poor people in Nepal.  Additionally, the Society works to provide basic medical treatment for them.

Aloko House

Aloko House

In June 2022, Taiwan Mother Hen Society rented an abandoned hotel in Pokhara and named it 'Aloko House'.

This place was revamped and turned into a short-term meditation centre for the retreat of Theravada Buddhist monks from Taiwan, China, Burma and Thailand.

Spiritual practitioners  are welcome to visits or hold events here.  This is also the Headquarter of Taiwan Mother Hen Society in Nepal.

Chengxie School

Chengxie School

The Chengxie School is the ultimate goal of Taiwan Mother Hen Society. We believe providing education to under-privileged children will change their destiny and the destiny of their communities.  It is necessary for us as humans to help each other because it in return better our own lives.


Chengxie School will groom the children in the right direction to serve their society better.  With the construction of the residential school, we hope to reduce the number of children at risk to become prostitutes or child laborers.

Chengxie School will be  accommodating 150 students from the age of 7 to 18.  The school aims to offer comprehensive education embedded with art and technical electrical engineering modules so upon graduation, their skill will be useful to the industry. We plan also to use the school classrooms to give free medical consultations annually. 

Initially, Taiwan Mother Hen Society plan to buy a piece of land in Chandrauta Nepal the home of the Buddha located in Lumbini province, south of Nepal, to build a school. The target is to complete of building the school by 2025.​

Become a Mother Hen
Join us.


You don't have to be special.  You just have to have the heart - that's what makes you special.


Send an introduction of how you can help and your resume to to begin.

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